Practical, fast and nutritional products into eco-friendly and sustainable recipients.


We provide diversity and quality, we guarantee natural and secure food production for consumers.

The company

We specialize in tomato primary production and in elaboration of tomato, legume, packed  food and frozen vegetables.

We provide added values with an industrialization process in which technology, staff and good practices of manufacturing come together in order to guarantee innocuous, secure and high quality food production, with the objective of satisfying consumers´ needs each time more demanding in the world.

Agro Andina reinforces its commitment in relation to safety food and continuous improvement.

by obtaining the certification of its food safety management system based on the requirements of the FSSC 22000 scheme.

We take the chance on the excellence from number one process to the end of the actions in the chain. We obtained certification through this effort to furnish our clients with total and absolute confidence in our production and supply chain management system, guaranteeing:

  • That the food we offer has been prepared and handled according to the most recognized standards.
  • Demonstrate our commitment to quality processes and continuous improvement.

Hands from La Rioja  Riojanas, better

We incorporate in our products the seal of quality Manos Riojanas/ Mejor Riojanas that accompanies statal companies to strength them up and to consolidate a province economically successful that generates genuine working employment positions, with the added value of local working hand and its matter properties allowing it identifying production from la Rioja for its seal of quality.

tetra recart

This packaging is a revolution in the packaging of canned food products such as tomatoes, sauces, vegetables and grains.