We specialize in tomato primary production and in elaboration of tomato, legume, packed  food and frozen vegetables.

We were born with the objective of give solutions to a vast productive area of the zone satisfying the wishes and expectatives of consumers that nowadays requirements are practical, fast and nutritional products in sustainable and eco -friendly recipients.


We believe in the taste of natural, innovating and developing healthy and quality foods.


Being a leading company in providing technological solutions for foods and natural, innovative and healthy products. Being our key pillars safety, sustainability and region and its economic activity development engagement.

The Valley

Positioned in Famatina Valley in Chilecito, La Rioja, where climate conditions generate an unbeatable environment for the production and authentic flavour, we had transformed into an industrial enterprise of expansion and innovation.

From its soil the best fruits are grown, because of its quality, colour and flavour as vines, olives, nuts, apples, pears, tomatoes, pumpkins, maize and vegetables.



We use last generation technology heling to promote sustainable development with social and environmental responsibility.

We work with a unique and revolutionary recipient TetraCart (registred trademark)

It is a sustainable carton canned that offers a new solution for food preserved in cans. It is ecological, practical and avoids the use of knives or scissors and it can be put into the fridge without the need of put it in other container.

Co Packer service

We develop a proposition to those companies that need a personalized system of outsourcing processes of alimentary products packaging.

We have the equipment to serve hundreds of in demand foods into the alimentary industry.

We assume the commitment of satisfying the client in all engagements that is why we invite companies and worldwide entrepreneurs to consult about their concerns and needs.


Under the implementation of continuous quality standards, we produce the best fruits.

We provide added value with an industrialization process in which technology, personnel and good manufacturing practices are combined to guarantee the production of safe, high-quality food, with the aim of satisfying the needs of consumers. increasingly demanding in the world.

We carry out physical, chemical, and microbiological analyzes at each stage, from the raw material to the finished product, ensuring safety and maintaining the organoleptic characteristics that characterize the area that consists of a unique climate and land.

Our industrial establishments have a quality management system, certified by international standards.

As AGRO ANDINA S.A. members and collaborators, we build and sustain the growth of our company by assuming the following commitments:

  • To maintain a Business Management committed to the operation of the Integrated Management System, with a dynamic approach, which considers its relationships with customers, shareholders, workers, suppliers, the community and its environment, to ensure address its objectives. 
  • To build the trust of all stakeholders in our organization on transparency. For this reason, we promote fulfilment of all current regulations applicable to our products and services. 
  • To satisfy our customers’ expectations with healthy and safe products, with the application of demanding quality and safety standards in all our products and processes and enduring management for their enhancement. 
  • To develop our people, the main asset of our company. To this end, we are committed to improve safety in our operations, thus, to prevent injuries and health damage, to promote the participation of everyone to contribute achieving a healthy, safety and comfortable working milieu. 
  • To protect our natural environment, efficiently using all our resources and properly disposing of all waste, thus contributing to the development of a culture of environmental sustainability and social responsibility with the community and its people.


Inspired by the guidelines of our mother QUALITY POLICY, we have decided to build up principles of SAFETY for our own trade mark and third-party products.

  • We produce safe foods that comply with applicable legislation. 
  • We define and establish achievable and relevant objectives that allow us to work on continuous improvement. 
  • We attend and respond to the demands of our consumers, clients and competent authorities. 
  • We define internal and external communication channels to promote a fluid exchange of information related to safety. 
  • We work to identify and satisfy the training needs of our staff with the purpose of developing in them fulfil their functions. 
  • We are committed to develop and implement a safety and quality culture within the organization that allows us to assume and become aware of the role we play as a company.