Tetra Recart is the first sterilizable carton package designed for non-perishable products that used to be placed in cans, glass jars or pouches. It consists of a fractionation system in flexible, pre-formed polylaminated carton packages, with an integrated sterilization system.

This packaging is a revolution in the packaging of canned food products such as tomatoes, sauces, vegetables and grains.
Recently, ready meals sold in the market were marketed in jars or cans. AGROANDINA is a pioneer in the country with the launching of ready meals packed in Tetra Recart cartons.

This packaging allows the product to remain stable and not to be contaminated during its shelf life. There is no need for refrigeration, and with the logistic and storage facilities provided by the chosen package format.
Tetra Recart cartons are a sterilizable and practical carton package.